Friday, August 20, 2010

mini Victoria's Secret bikini haul

Hello lovely,

Today I finally had some time to blog so I thought I'd share with you my new bikinis! I recently ordered them from Victoria's secret and I loovvveee their bathing suits. They have a HUGE variety and many at affordable prices. They always have a big sale selection with so many styles. So all of these bikinis were on sale when I got them and i'm pretty sure they still have them just in case you may want to get it :)

ok! the first one is a coral/peach bikini. The top is a bandeau style with a seashell accessory right in the middle. It also comes with a removable haulter string and the bottoms are low-rise.

next bikini, is pretty much exacly like the above one, except different colors and different accessory. The bandeau top is white with an aqua heart in the middle, with a removeable haulter string, and aqua low-rise bottoms. I am so in love with the white and aqua colors together!

they fit very comfortabley and i'm especially in love with the aqua/white one!

which one do you like more?

today is also a special day because it is mine and my boyfriend's 1 year and 11 month anniversary! almost to the 2 yr mark♥ tomorrow we're going out to dinner and celebrating since he has to work tonight!

Forever21 haul coming soon:)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

kiwiberry1-collection circle lens review!

Hello all! so since my last post I have worn the geo super nudy grey lenses and I must say that they get a bit uncomfortable. It was a tad difficult getting them into my eye because they stung and it kept shifting to the top of my eyes, making me lose them and they would stick to my eye and I couldn't move it around. Have any of you circle lens wearers experienced this problem with the geo super nudy collection? well they started out wonderful but everytime after that I would have some sort of problem. By the 6th or 7th hour they get really dry and its hard for me to blink because it aches a little. but it may just be me? idk. they also kept shifting around making my vision blurry. but anywho other than that I still like them...just a few minor glitches that I will just have to get over.

Anyway! another circle lens review for you guys! kiwiberry1-collection was so kind as to send me circle lenses to review!

Aqua M303-A M-type series 3-tone collection

I must say I am loovvvviiinggg these!

they are beyond comfortable. And as a I said before, I am an avid perscription lens (since middle school) wearer so I know how contact lenses feel. These are amazingly comfortable and they are just as comfortable as my acuvue oasis! They don't dry out my eyes, it was super easy to put in-no burning sensation, and they don't shift around in my eyes. yesterday I wore them for 7 hours and had absolutely no problems with them.

I loveee the color! They have teal and turquoise color to them and it is gorgeous! theyre my favorite colors! the only down-side i'd have to say is that the teal/turquoise color shows up WAY better in pictures. In person it is more of a green color. Don't get me wrong though-still a beautiful color.

Obviously they are not as big as the geo super nudy collection since the super nudies are 14.5 mm and these are 14.0 mm. I only wish they were a tad bit bigger because these feel just slighly bigger than normal lenses.

If you're looking for something more natural, then these are it!♥

It came in these glass vials and came with contact cases! :)

(The other ones are the green ones which will be another review soon!)

♥♥Visit their site or twitter for circle lenses and info!

Although these were sent to me for review, it does not affect my own opinion. This was for review purposes only and I am in no way affiliated with them. Everything that is said is my total and complete honest opinion.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

a load of random♥

here are just some random OLD pictures I found on my computer from back in November that I never posted? yes I know it's random post but ohhh can be an OOTD (outfit of 'that' day haha) and FOTD and so on :)

went to my local yogurt shop♥ soooo good on a hot summer day! the usual temperature here gets to 100 DEGREES FARENHEIT on a regular summer day. yes, I KNOW that is insanely hot. I try to stay inside as much as possible lol so count your blessings if you think it is hot where you are!...unless it is hotter where you are :)

this one is my sister's.
regular tart fro-yo
raspberry fro-yo

and this one is mine. I know, it may look really disgusting but it is so so sooo good!
its contents:
regular tart fro-yo, rasberry fro-yo, and vanilla fro-yo
fruity pebbles cereal
captain crunch cereal
oreo pieces

ours together.

hope you're all having a wonderful day :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Outfit Post!♥♥ +organic shampoo

Anyone use or heard of organic shampoo?? Well, ever since I went to Vietnam back In December/January my hair was constantly falling out! in the shower, randomly everywhere really! and it was worrying me like crazy! so I thought it was possibly the shampoo I was using, which was 'Aussie' but when I switched, it still continued to fall out. So my hair was getting thinner and was driving me mad! i'd walk around the house and see a piece of hair falling out! but then about a few weeks ago I was complaining to my boyfriend about my problem and he then told me it was because the shampoos I use have SULFATE in it. now I haven't done alot of research on this (I will asap) but the sulfate in the shampoo was causing my hair to fall out/become thin and brittle! and just about ALL shampoos have sulfate in it :/ so my bf then told me that I needed to buy organic shampoo. Organic shampoo is SULFATE-FREE and you'll know it because it says so on the bottle. So i've started to use Oranix's organic shampoo that is sulfate free! and tbh, my hair has definitely been falling out alot LESS! yayy. im so relieved...because it was really scaring me that my hair has been falling out :( now, this brand may not be the BEST of the best, but it will do for now!

(pictures and a more in depth review on the shampoo and conditioner coming soon!)

now for the Outfits! these are just some of the different ways to wear some of the clothes I got that are from the previous post)

wearing:black scoop neck tunic with my floral blue shorts

with the light tan blazer♥

tunic is long enough to be worn as a dress so I just took the shorts off and wore the tunic as a dress with the blazer

sorry for the cam-whoring... (:

Friday, April 23, 2010


hello alllll :)

been a little busy again of course but nothing too crazy... boyfriend had to get root canal and was all drugged up from the meds the doctors gave him so he was in and out and loopy and slept alottttt so i've been taking care of him haha a gym membership at LA Fitness a few weeks ago and I loveeeeee it! took me so long to push myself to start working out again but now that i finally have I love working out!!...I love that gym so much because they offer alot of workout classes :D I always take an aerobics bootcamp once a week for an hour-such a good workout! I sweat like crazy!! then they offer yoga and pilates! haven't tried it yet but i'm going to next week! never done yoga or pilates before O_o heard it was a good workout though...anyone ever done it?? anyway..I just run on the treadmill and do the elliptical machine when I don't do the workout classes haha haven't worked my way around all the machines yet lolll. but yes, I love being able to feel good about myself! I feel like back then I ate way too much bad fast food, greasy foods,junk foot etc. all the time! I've also cut out sodas and i'm glad!!

anyway, here are pictures of me wearing the headbands I got, as promised! :)

ahh I lovelovelove this one so much! I treasure this headband! hahaha im scared it will break....I need to get a back up :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

...Irish car bomb anyone?

Hi lovlies!
oyyyyyyy I feel like ranting up the whazooo! but I won' least not too much (:

has it really been nearly a month since my last post?! im terribly sorry but i've just been so distracted mainly exams of course! I've already had about 10 exams since my last post! but good news is I did really good on all of them because I pull all nighters haha and now I pay the price by looking quite haggard LOL. Weekends are relax &/or party days haha so yah.......I hadn't had a drink since back in AUGUST! yes I know that way over 7 months! i'm not much of a drinker/party girl because it's exhausting and the mere fact that I can't STAND the taste of liquor-it makes my stomach twirl a million times! but yes, when I DO party I tend to over do in I just don't know when to stop drinking haha but everyone says i'm a million times more sociable and really outgoing lol. so yah last Friday me and my bf went to his friend's house and had a mini party. (I prefer house parties/mini get togethers rather than a clubs! is that weird?! haha) anyway, we did IRISH CAR BOMBS haha it was awesome....when I drink...I don't like to hold a drink in my hand and sip on it. I prefer downing it right there. so we did one Irish car bomb and literally a minute later, I stepped outside with everyone and everything started moving and jumping and yes....I was drunk already! Crazy right?! how is that even possible to be drunk a minute later??! because I never drink lolll I was bouncing everywhere by the time we did another irish car bomb. AHHH they're amazinggg...for anyone who don't know what they are, it consists:
1/2 cup of guinness beer
1/2 a shot of Jameson whiskey
1/2 a shot of bailey's irish cream.

what you do is drop the mixed shot of jameson and baileys into the cup of beer and down because if you don't drink it right away it gets clumpy and gross.


ok onto the next! my current favorite nail polish! by OPI:
(OPI on Collins Ave. is the name of it)

great for spring! so vibrant I adore it so much.

OK onto the collective haul! Did some shopping in the past month of course so I will post them up soon! it'll be too long of a post so I'll split the posts into 2

(still & currently)loving tribal and floral prints. I can't seem to stop buying them! aghhh hope it never goes outtt.

anywho, I will do..

filgree shield ring-wore this the other night and I felt it really completed my outfit!

flower ring-so adorable! reminded me of hydrangea flowers so I bought it

flower and pearl stud earrings. so vintage-like♥

more flower studs!

and more...

obsessed with these 3 new headbands I got! haven't had a chance to wear them yet but I will wear it with an outfit post soon♥

I just realized everything I got was floral haha like I said...I LOVE floral. Am I the only one who has an obsession with floral things?

Next post will be clothing haul! so check back soon :)
tried to make this post short and sweet but I failed! and I didn't mean for the majority of the post to be about drinking...sorry I just wanted to share with you all haha
have a great night/day everyone! and helloo to my new followers♥ and thanks for reading!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

NYX lipstick swatches!

It took me forever and a half but as promised, here are the NYX lipstick swatches! :) all of these swatches are purely only the lipstick. I did not add any lipgloss since I wanted you all to see its true color just in case any of you may want to buy it :)


The perfect red I have been looking for! its goes on so creamy and lasts long.


bright peachy orange. (Femme is alot more brighter than this in person-I don't know why it doesn't show in the pictures)


vibrant pink

Pumpkin Pie:

a very suttle orangey-nude color. looks natural and its very wearable-one of my favorites!


the perfect satin pink.

tea rose:

a lovely rosy pink.


snow white:

Another lovely red that is quite similar to Electra but has a slight difference.


A tad too dark for me.


This one is a bit too shimmery for my taste but it is still pretty.



Can't stress enough how much I love the lipsticks! I plan to make another purchase very soon! :)

*hello to all my new followers!, and thank you everyone for visiting:)