Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Outfit Post!♥♥ +organic shampoo

Anyone use or heard of organic shampoo?? Well, ever since I went to Vietnam back In December/January my hair was constantly falling out! in the shower, randomly everywhere really! and it was worrying me like crazy! so I thought it was possibly the shampoo I was using, which was 'Aussie' but when I switched, it still continued to fall out. So my hair was getting thinner and was driving me mad! i'd walk around the house and see a piece of hair falling out! but then about a few weeks ago I was complaining to my boyfriend about my problem and he then told me it was because the shampoos I use have SULFATE in it. now I haven't done alot of research on this (I will asap) but the sulfate in the shampoo was causing my hair to fall out/become thin and brittle! and just about ALL shampoos have sulfate in it :/ so my bf then told me that I needed to buy organic shampoo. Organic shampoo is SULFATE-FREE and you'll know it because it says so on the bottle. So i've started to use Oranix's organic shampoo that is sulfate free! and tbh, my hair has definitely been falling out alot LESS! yayy. im so relieved...because it was really scaring me that my hair has been falling out :( now, this brand may not be the BEST of the best, but it will do for now!

(pictures and a more in depth review on the shampoo and conditioner coming soon!)

now for the Outfits! these are just some of the different ways to wear some of the clothes I got that are from the previous post)

wearing:black scoop neck tunic with my floral blue shorts

with the light tan blazer♥

tunic is long enough to be worn as a dress so I just took the shorts off and wore the tunic as a dress with the blazer

sorry for the cam-whoring... (: