Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Review:Stila Finishing powder

yes, this has been long over-due as I promised I would do a review on it awhile back and got a request for it so here it goes: :)

I got the gold finishing powder which is said to be a light golden champagne sheen.
As said on the site, Stila's finishing powder "Keeps your skin looking radiant with these velvety, light-reflecting powders. and is a "Luminous shimmer powder for the face."
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[no flash]
true, it does illuminate your face and is a gorgeous light goddessy gold but honestly I wouldn't use it to set my make-up-at least not all over my face. Because it has tiny flecks of gold/shimmer in it,I wouldn't reccomend putting this all over your face because its too shimmery to put all over the face and won't look natural. Although its not super shimmery like MAC's mineralize skin finishes (I don't think anything will be that shimmery!) it still does have shimmer flecks in it. Don't get me wrong, because I do love this product and use it everyday-but not to set my make-up. I use it as a highlight right above my cheekbones and it works perfectly. It gives me a really nice glow and can be used at anytime of the day whether youre getting ready for work,school,or even a night out!

but if you're looking for a good setting powder, I definitely reccommend getting a MATTE one. I am using NARS loose setting powder and let me just say that I looove it! I use it every single day to set my foundation/tinted moisturizer. And in this care the saying really is true about "A little goes a long way" you just need the tiniest amount to set your make up. I love using the fan brush to do this. I tap some of the powder into the cap and I dab my fan brush into it and tap the excess off and just lightly go all over my face and it sets beautifully! Its a black squared box and has ALOTTT of product in it. I bought this more than 10 months ago and I still have so much and looks like I barely touched it but I use it everyday.

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So if you are contemplating on getting the Stila finishing powder to set your foundation, then I don't reccommend getting it because I think you will be unnsatisfied. but DO try out the NARS setting powder :) because Stila's retails for $32 and for 2$ more you can get the NARS one for only $34!

hope this review helped you all :)


Thursday, October 22, 2009

leather jacket obsession?

you will be hearing alot about fall and related things of course so think of it as a 'fall series' that i'm doing :) such as NECESSITIES for the fall! another must-have for this wonderful season is a leather jacket!!

I tell you, I think I have an obession with leather jackts, because everytime I see one...I WANT IT! haha but anyway right now I only have 2 in my collection. The first one is from H&M. I got this number when I went to California over the summer break and now I finally get to wear it because it's cold enough! YAY. and not only is it good for fall, its good for winter too of course!

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Black leather moto-jacket.this one was $50 and I got the last one at the store! unfortunately it's just one size too big for me =/ BUT its perfect when I want to wear some layers :)

and next up.......
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deep chocolate brown faux leather jacket! this one was about $33 at forever21. I got this just last week so I haven't had a chance to wear it yet :)

[apologies for my picture quality being sucky]

I recently saw a cream leather jacket somewhere that I must get my hands on...

hope you're all having a fab. week!♥♥