Friday, April 23, 2010


hello alllll :)

been a little busy again of course but nothing too crazy... boyfriend had to get root canal and was all drugged up from the meds the doctors gave him so he was in and out and loopy and slept alottttt so i've been taking care of him haha a gym membership at LA Fitness a few weeks ago and I loveeeeee it! took me so long to push myself to start working out again but now that i finally have I love working out!!...I love that gym so much because they offer alot of workout classes :D I always take an aerobics bootcamp once a week for an hour-such a good workout! I sweat like crazy!! then they offer yoga and pilates! haven't tried it yet but i'm going to next week! never done yoga or pilates before O_o heard it was a good workout though...anyone ever done it?? anyway..I just run on the treadmill and do the elliptical machine when I don't do the workout classes haha haven't worked my way around all the machines yet lolll. but yes, I love being able to feel good about myself! I feel like back then I ate way too much bad fast food, greasy foods,junk foot etc. all the time! I've also cut out sodas and i'm glad!!

anyway, here are pictures of me wearing the headbands I got, as promised! :)

ahh I lovelovelove this one so much! I treasure this headband! hahaha im scared it will break....I need to get a back up :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

...Irish car bomb anyone?

Hi lovlies!
oyyyyyyy I feel like ranting up the whazooo! but I won' least not too much (:

has it really been nearly a month since my last post?! im terribly sorry but i've just been so distracted mainly exams of course! I've already had about 10 exams since my last post! but good news is I did really good on all of them because I pull all nighters haha and now I pay the price by looking quite haggard LOL. Weekends are relax &/or party days haha so yah.......I hadn't had a drink since back in AUGUST! yes I know that way over 7 months! i'm not much of a drinker/party girl because it's exhausting and the mere fact that I can't STAND the taste of liquor-it makes my stomach twirl a million times! but yes, when I DO party I tend to over do in I just don't know when to stop drinking haha but everyone says i'm a million times more sociable and really outgoing lol. so yah last Friday me and my bf went to his friend's house and had a mini party. (I prefer house parties/mini get togethers rather than a clubs! is that weird?! haha) anyway, we did IRISH CAR BOMBS haha it was awesome....when I drink...I don't like to hold a drink in my hand and sip on it. I prefer downing it right there. so we did one Irish car bomb and literally a minute later, I stepped outside with everyone and everything started moving and jumping and yes....I was drunk already! Crazy right?! how is that even possible to be drunk a minute later??! because I never drink lolll I was bouncing everywhere by the time we did another irish car bomb. AHHH they're amazinggg...for anyone who don't know what they are, it consists:
1/2 cup of guinness beer
1/2 a shot of Jameson whiskey
1/2 a shot of bailey's irish cream.

what you do is drop the mixed shot of jameson and baileys into the cup of beer and down because if you don't drink it right away it gets clumpy and gross.


ok onto the next! my current favorite nail polish! by OPI:
(OPI on Collins Ave. is the name of it)

great for spring! so vibrant I adore it so much.

OK onto the collective haul! Did some shopping in the past month of course so I will post them up soon! it'll be too long of a post so I'll split the posts into 2

(still & currently)loving tribal and floral prints. I can't seem to stop buying them! aghhh hope it never goes outtt.

anywho, I will do..

filgree shield ring-wore this the other night and I felt it really completed my outfit!

flower ring-so adorable! reminded me of hydrangea flowers so I bought it

flower and pearl stud earrings. so vintage-like♥

more flower studs!

and more...

obsessed with these 3 new headbands I got! haven't had a chance to wear them yet but I will wear it with an outfit post soon♥

I just realized everything I got was floral haha like I said...I LOVE floral. Am I the only one who has an obsession with floral things?

Next post will be clothing haul! so check back soon :)
tried to make this post short and sweet but I failed! and I didn't mean for the majority of the post to be about drinking...sorry I just wanted to share with you all haha
have a great night/day everyone! and helloo to my new followers♥ and thanks for reading!