Saturday, March 13, 2010

NYX lipstick swatches!

It took me forever and a half but as promised, here are the NYX lipstick swatches! :) all of these swatches are purely only the lipstick. I did not add any lipgloss since I wanted you all to see its true color just in case any of you may want to buy it :)


The perfect red I have been looking for! its goes on so creamy and lasts long.


bright peachy orange. (Femme is alot more brighter than this in person-I don't know why it doesn't show in the pictures)


vibrant pink

Pumpkin Pie:

a very suttle orangey-nude color. looks natural and its very wearable-one of my favorites!


the perfect satin pink.

tea rose:

a lovely rosy pink.


snow white:

Another lovely red that is quite similar to Electra but has a slight difference.


A tad too dark for me.


This one is a bit too shimmery for my taste but it is still pretty.



Can't stress enough how much I love the lipsticks! I plan to make another purchase very soon! :)

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Monday, March 8, 2010

NYX lippies haul!

NYX lippy haul! YAY! this is my very first NYX purchase and I must say, I'm VERY impressed with the lipsticks :) The lipsticks are very creamy, moisturizing, long lasting, and most importantly, pigmented and not at all drying-simply amazing!

So lets start off with the basics-I ordered these off of Cherry Culture. is a website that sells a variety of more lower end brands. I'm not too familiar with the site products because i've only ordered once from there, but I hear people talking about them and they all love it. It seems they always have some sort of sale going on and one happened to be going on when I made my purchase! :) so I got 12 lipsticks and 1 lipgloss. Each lipstick was $1.75 and they are originally $3.00 and they are actually still on sale so go check it out! The lipgloss was originally $3.00 and I got it for $2.00.

I've only used a couple lipsticks so far and have truly liked all of them so far. Normally, I don't wear lipstick besides the occasional amazing nude color Darling by Gosh. But lately, i've been finding myself picking up one of these lipsticks and applying it :)

The lipsticks have a floral scent when you smell the stick but once you apply it to your lips(which to me smells quite lovely!), it really has no smell.
As for the lipgloss, it is not at all sticky but I really don't like the smell. It has a ginger type smell to it, which I was never too fond of ginger in the first place.

anywho, here are all the lippies:

(L-R): Louisiana, Femme, Georgia, Fig, Electra, Snow White, Milan Pumpkin Pie, Peony, Tea Rose, B52, Thalia

Louisiana, Femme, Georgia, Fig

Electra, Snow White, Milan Pumpkin Pie

Peony, Tea Rose, B52, Thalia

top view.

lipgloss in Apricot

If you haven't tried NYX's lipsticks then I strongly reccommend that you do because they're really great and so so cheap! I payed $24.35 for 13 lip products and thats including shipping and handling fees.

*sorry for no swatches, but I will put them up ASAP! and I will describe color and more details about the lippies once i've got them swatched.