Friday, August 20, 2010

mini Victoria's Secret bikini haul

Hello lovely,

Today I finally had some time to blog so I thought I'd share with you my new bikinis! I recently ordered them from Victoria's secret and I loovvveee their bathing suits. They have a HUGE variety and many at affordable prices. They always have a big sale selection with so many styles. So all of these bikinis were on sale when I got them and i'm pretty sure they still have them just in case you may want to get it :)

ok! the first one is a coral/peach bikini. The top is a bandeau style with a seashell accessory right in the middle. It also comes with a removable haulter string and the bottoms are low-rise.

next bikini, is pretty much exacly like the above one, except different colors and different accessory. The bandeau top is white with an aqua heart in the middle, with a removeable haulter string, and aqua low-rise bottoms. I am so in love with the white and aqua colors together!

they fit very comfortabley and i'm especially in love with the aqua/white one!

which one do you like more?

today is also a special day because it is mine and my boyfriend's 1 year and 11 month anniversary! almost to the 2 yr mark♥ tomorrow we're going out to dinner and celebrating since he has to work tonight!

Forever21 haul coming soon:)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

kiwiberry1-collection circle lens review!

Hello all! so since my last post I have worn the geo super nudy grey lenses and I must say that they get a bit uncomfortable. It was a tad difficult getting them into my eye because they stung and it kept shifting to the top of my eyes, making me lose them and they would stick to my eye and I couldn't move it around. Have any of you circle lens wearers experienced this problem with the geo super nudy collection? well they started out wonderful but everytime after that I would have some sort of problem. By the 6th or 7th hour they get really dry and its hard for me to blink because it aches a little. but it may just be me? idk. they also kept shifting around making my vision blurry. but anywho other than that I still like them...just a few minor glitches that I will just have to get over.

Anyway! another circle lens review for you guys! kiwiberry1-collection was so kind as to send me circle lenses to review!

Aqua M303-A M-type series 3-tone collection

I must say I am loovvvviiinggg these!

they are beyond comfortable. And as a I said before, I am an avid perscription lens (since middle school) wearer so I know how contact lenses feel. These are amazingly comfortable and they are just as comfortable as my acuvue oasis! They don't dry out my eyes, it was super easy to put in-no burning sensation, and they don't shift around in my eyes. yesterday I wore them for 7 hours and had absolutely no problems with them.

I loveee the color! They have teal and turquoise color to them and it is gorgeous! theyre my favorite colors! the only down-side i'd have to say is that the teal/turquoise color shows up WAY better in pictures. In person it is more of a green color. Don't get me wrong though-still a beautiful color.

Obviously they are not as big as the geo super nudy collection since the super nudies are 14.5 mm and these are 14.0 mm. I only wish they were a tad bit bigger because these feel just slighly bigger than normal lenses.

If you're looking for something more natural, then these are it!♥

It came in these glass vials and came with contact cases! :)

(The other ones are the green ones which will be another review soon!)

♥♥Visit their site or twitter for circle lenses and info!

Although these were sent to me for review, it does not affect my own opinion. This was for review purposes only and I am in no way affiliated with them. Everything that is said is my total and complete honest opinion.