Sunday, July 26, 2009

MAC haul

Hello all! :)just a quick post!
So as you all know, MAC is a really popular make-up brand and happens to be one of my favorites as of not too long ago! So, in my devotion to MAC, I thought I should begin my collection! so my MAC package finally came in the mail! I was super happy when I saw the UPS guy come to the door! YAY C:
what I got:
15x eyeshadow pro palette
9 shadows in:
-knight divine
-satin taupe
-all that glitters
-expensive pink

I browsed the net to see what some popular mac shadows were and these seemed to win. All the colors are really nice and pretty-nothing crazy-so i think I'll enjoy this palette. I'll do a review and swatch them soon!

and for the pictures:
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palette and eye shadows

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empty 15 eyeshadow palette

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I'm really excited to play with all of these colors. Every single one of them are very pigmented and lovely. Although i'm loving my new palette, my purse is anorexic now >.< this purchase was a whopping $120. What I suggest is, if you are going to start a mac palette, make sure they are colors that you really like and know you will use a lot because each shadow is $11. It's quite pricey but I think it's well worth it because it will last me a very long time :)

next up, Im really dying to try the Colour Craft Collection! I know I know, I'm so behind on this collection, but everything looks absolutely GORGEOUS! I really want to get some MSF trios and Mineralize blushes! must get my hands on them before they're all gone eeek!
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well I hope you all enjoyed <3 thanks for reading : )

xoxo lucy


  1. Hi! I got a couple colors from Mac this weekend too! I love all the colors you got by the way, all very pretty! I'm your new follower by the way! Hope to see the swatches of the mac shadows! :)

  2. Hey Lucy doll! I'm so jealous of your haul, you literally picked out ALL THE MUST HAVE EYESHADOWS! amazing! Enjoy then hun!

  3. aw.. poor anorexic wallet :(
    but at least you got some goodies that will last you a while ;) pretty colors :)

  4. oohh the colors are soo pretty, nice post ^_^ And very nice blog too, followed you :)

  5. thanks alot girls! <3 and swatches will come soon :)