Friday, February 12, 2010

SNOW day in TEXAS! ...and i'm back!

Hello lovlies! im back!! :) so sorry i've been gone for so so long! I can't believe its been that long since my last post! anyway, I'm back now and I have many upcoming posts so please stick around :)

first off, let me say that it SNOWED all day long yesterday! we got about a total of 8 inches of snow! isn't that AMAZING?! YES :) I loooved it so much. I felt like a little kid who had just seen snow for the first time haha. I kept running outside and playing in it. it was so lovely. it was GORGEOUS of course. and all schools closed of course, including both Universities for two whole days so I get a 4 day weekend :)I know its just snow, but here, when it does snow, its a very big deal. Its like an extra holiday to us :) It doesn't snow too often here in Texas. Actually, we're lucky if we even get one inch a year. It usually snows every few years. But for some reason this past year, it has snowed TWICE already!(: anywho, here are some pictures of the lovely day:

so cute!

in the morning, just a few hours of snow

the driveway

out in my backyard

my boot prints!

I then woke up the next morning when it stopped snowing and looked out my bedroom window and saw this:

mmm love ittt.

ok, next post will be a mini collective haul post. check back soon :) thanks for reading&following!!

♥ps.hellow to my new followers!♥


  1. welcome back! wow, what a beautiful winter wonderland:D thanks for sharing these pics! have a great weekend!

  2. wow I can't believe it even SNOWS in texas! The photos are lovely :)

  3. omgee u live in tx!? where!? we must hangout someday :D
    omg i know i shouldnt let it get to me but it does haha
    and thanks so much! new years was pretty fun getting red envelopes! not so much vday... i deslike that holiday so much! ;p

  4. Winter wonderland for sure, soo pretty. You need to post more girl. =]

  5. Wow..I love ur pictures,is this ur first time posting pictures of urself? u look so pretty hun, I love ur smile and u remind me of BOA in those pictures, great post^^

  6. aww thanks Zoe! youre so sweet! and this is my 2nd or 3rd time :)